Foreword 5

Law and Internet: Essays on Theory and Practice. Naumov V. B 7

Concise characteristics of key problems of Internet regulation 9

Review of initiatives in Internet regulation in Russia 24

Site as a source of public information 68

Spam: legal analysis of the phenomenon 96

Personal data in Internet 113

Domain name and means of identity: antagonism and convergence 155

Copyright protection in Internet 199

Status of evidences in litigations bound with use of Internet 222

Methodology of legal support of information projects in Internet 239

Appendix 1. Concise review of Russian legislation in the field of

information technologies and telecommunications till 2001 266

Appendix 2. Russian initiatives in self-regulation sphere 280

Appendix 3. Russian court judgments on litigations bound with

infringement of rights to means of identity by registration and use of domain names 291

Appendix 4. Russian court judgments on litigations bound with copyright infringement in Internet use 365

Appendix 5. Internet and Russian legal practice (in English) 404

Appendix 6. List of documents and services of site «Law and Internet

Research» – 420

Information about the author. List of the author's publications on the book's subject 427